Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lunch at Buoy Beer Company and Sightseeing in Astoria

Sixteen miles to the north of Seaside is Astoria.  We went for lunch one day to Buoy Beer Company and I had some fried cheese curds, one of the best things I've ever eaten.  They had a Pale Ale batter and some spicy, red pepper dipping sauce.  I took a bite and thought, yes, this is delicious and so memorable.  I've been craving them since.  I also had a cup of clam chowder that was standard and after my third cup that week I may have got my fill for awhile.  My hubby drank a Pale Ale and got the fish and chips.  Dessert rocked.  We shared a piece of triple chocolate cheesecake that was pretty incredible and to top it off, made a pretty food photo.  Buoy Beer is right on the water with a view of the bridge.  We didn't want to wait for a table with a view so we sat in the Taproom.  There were TV's blaring the Seahawks game so I didn't get the feel of the place that I was looking for.  But it was neat to watch the trolley go by and wave to the passengers.  After lunch, I shot some photos of the bridge and then we drove up to the Astoria Column.  The views up there of the area are not to be missed.  Built in 1926, the column is 125 feet tall.  I didn't climb the 164 steps to the top on this trip but I managed to take some photos of the landmark. 

Cannon Beach and Seaside Sweets

When I think of the Oregon Coast I think of fudge.  As a kid, my dad and I loved to visit the different fudge shops along the coast and try samples.  On this trip, I sampled some peppermint and Snickers fudge at the Buzz on Broadway in Seaside and I loved it so I bought some.  I also got to try a chocolate covered Oreo, peanut butter fudge, a salted caramel and a Kahlua and rum truffle at Bruce's Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach.  Yes on the Oreo and fudge and no on the salted caramel, way to much salt, and truffles.  It was probably the first time I didn't finish my chocolate.  We also popped into a coffee shop in downtown Cannon Beach, Bella Espresso, where we split a piece of Tres Leche Caramel Cake. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lunch at Pizza A'fetta in Cannon Beach

Pizza A'fetta is a small and charming pizza place located in downtown Cannon Beach. We loved the server who was super friendly and accommodating to us and our little ones.  He even offered to take a family photo of the four of us huddled around our pizza.  They seem to take pride in their restaurant, stating how long they've been opened, twenty five years, and that their on a top fifty list for best pizzas in the nation.  The pizza hit the spot.  Hot and fresh with large pieces of pepperoni and a nice thin quality to the crust.  Next time I visit Cannon Beach I'd probably stop back in for more pizza. 

Cannon Beach

Haystack Rock.  Ecola State Park.  The quaint downtown filled with shops, restaurants, coffeehouses and galleries.  I found Cannon Beach to be a captivating and a very photogenic place.  It was only seven miles from Seaside where we stayed so went several different days.  The first day was so foggy that we couldn't see Haystack Rock and the downtown buildings almost weren't visible.  So we went back.  The Pacific loomed before us, magnificent in its power as we watched waves building toward the beach.  Haystack Rock stood proud, surrounded by other rocks and making Cannon Beach one of the best in the nation.  Finally, we visited Ecola State Park which is the exit right before the downtown area.  It offers up views from above Haystack Rock that must not be missed.  To the left is Tillamook Rock, a lighthouse on a rock in the middle of the sea which I found mystifying, I hear its haunted.   Cannon Beach has many memorable aspects and I had a blast photographing the area. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Doogers Seafood and Grill in Seaside

We had several nice meals out while on our Oregon Coast trip with a couple of them being in Seaside.  Doogers Seafood and Grill was another of those meals.  Everywhere seemed to be kid-friendly so highchairs were always available and nobody minded our two babies dining with us.  Doogers is a chain on the North Oregon Coast that serves quality seafood.  Well, by now I needed a break from seafood and a cheeseburger sounded good so that's what my husband and I ordered.  You can't go wrong with the Tillamook cheese that seems to be on everything in this area, too.  Plus, being in Oregon we wanted to take the opportunity to try some local Pinot Noir.  By the time we sipped our wine and polished off our burgers and fries, the boys were fussy and ready to head back to the hotel.  We ordered some Marionberry Cobbler to go though and enjoyed it later. 

The Boardwalk Restaurant and Lounge

After checking into our hotel in Seaside and getting settled we went out to dinner aThe Boardwalk Restaurant and Lounge.  Located inside the Shilo Inn it has sweeping views of the ocean.  That night was pretty quiet around Seaside and the thick fog everywhere didn't help.  We couldn't even see the water for the first day and wondered if the ocean was really there or not.  But nonetheless we had a nice dinner out and I tasted some fresh, local seafood.  I started with Clam Chowder which is always a good option while on the Oregon Coast.  Then I had the Spring Salad which had strawberries, mixed greens, mandarin oranges and a pomegranate vinaigrette.  For my entrée I ate the Crab Cakes which had sides or red pepper coulis and béarnaise sauce with jasmine rice and asparagus.  I also sipped on a drink called At the Pool which had vodka and pineapple juice.  My husband drank a Manhattan and he had the fish and chips.   

Friday, October 17, 2014


I recently had the opportunity to hang out in Seaside, Oregon.  I'd only passed through once before, stopping to shop at the Nike Outlet with my parents years ago, so I didn't know what to expect.  Seaside ended up being a pretty neat place, with a nice long stretch of beach with views of the Pacific and a long Promenade to walk down.  We took our boys on a walk down the Prom everyday while checking out the ocean and all the waterfront hotels.  The Turnaround was pretty cool with a Lewis and Clark statue and views of the sea.  There are also tons of shops and restaurants around and even an arcade, an aquarium and a carousel.  Seaside had lots to offer and I was impressed.  Plus I love the ocean and I could look at it all day.