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A Visit to Giovane Cafe at the Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver

Just down the street from the Auberge Hotel where we stayed is the Fairmont Pacific Rim. There you'll find Giovane Café. Its a bright and modern café with long lines, but when you reach the front of the line you'll be rewarded with two display cases. The first one has muffins and croissants. But keep going to the other case and that's where you'll find the sugar buns and the other delectable looking desserts. I've been seeing these Matcha Sugar Buns all over Instagram, thinking they were the bees knees, cause they look so pretty. But let me warn you-if matcha is not your game, get one of the Classic Sugar Buns instead. I didn't like the flavor of the matcha in this at all and couldn't eat it.  It did photograph well but that's where the fun ended. Plus it was really messy and was overloaded with the matcha cream. So if you get one of these sugar buns, do it right and sit down in the café with a knife and fork.
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Scenes from the Auberge Hotel and Dinner at Lions Pub

Our family stayed in Vancouver for two nights and the first night was spent at the Auberge Hotel. Upon checking in we were notified our room had been upgraded to a Harbour View Suite. I didn't think to much about it until we entered the room and saw the view. I squealed with delight. The Vancouver Lookout was right next to us and we also had water views. Our room was big since it was a suite, with a good size living area, kitchen, bathroom, two roomy closets, and a bedroom. It was also on the 10th floor and was a corner room, so the floor to ceiling windows lined the rooms. Its too bad we only had one night because we certainly could have made ourselves at home for a while.
For dinner that night, we wanted something easy where we wouldn't have to get back in our car and navigate around Vancouver. What's one to do? Hit up the restaurant in the hotel and luckily for us, the Lions Pub menu looked great and they were family friendly to boot. The place was hopping, but we fou…

A Visit to Soft Peaks in Vancouver, BC

Our family took a two night getaway to Vancouver, BC for a little spring trip. For us that means a little sightseeing and a lot of eating. First up on my list was a some ice cream at Soft Peaks, located in Gastown. They're the first soft serve organic ice cream in Vancouver and since I'm always on the lookout for quality soft serve, I was all in. The four of us just wanted a few bites so we shared the Mudslide. Vanilla soft serve with chocolate sauce and Tim Tams was presented to us, and we dug in. The ice cream was very creamy and dense. The Tim Tams were sweet and crunchy and paired well with the vanilla ice cream. The store was cute with a staircase leading to a loft with additional seating. After our treat, we wandered around Gastown's cobblestone streets and shopped for souvenirs.

A Visit to the Seattle Starbucks Reserve in SODO

In February, the new Starbucks Reserve in SODO opened. Of course, I had to run over and see it and take tons of photos. I was also interested in trying some pastries from Princi, the Italian bread company Starbucks has partnered with. Because what goes together better than coffee, pastries, and desserts? I had a little sticker shock, however, when I purchased my afternoon coffee and treats. Go here for the experience, to look around, get amazing customer service and great products. But I wouldn't make this a regular place to get your caffeine. I had a Nitro Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew. It was delivered to me in a fancy, clear cup with the Reserve logo and tasted pretty top notch. But I was kind of expecting it to be that good for the high price. I brought home several desserts for my family and my parents who were in town visiting us. I chose a Cornetti- an Italian croissant, a chocolate chip cookie, and a gorgeous slice of chocolate cake to share- a Torta Princi. I loved the q…

A Spring Day in Volunteer Park

Warm and sunny April days in Seattle are rare. But if and when they occur, get yourself to the park. And preferably one you haven't been to in a while, so it feels new and almost like a mini, mini vacation. I chose to visit Volunteer Park, near Capital Hill. When I showed my boys photos of the Volunteer Park Water Tower, it was decided that we had to go see it and climb to the top.
There's also a playground, a beautiful conservatory, fields to run around in, and The Asian Art Museum. However, the museum is closed until next spring for reconstruction. There is a large cemetery where the famous Bruce Lee is buried. This park has it all.
The water tower feels like a hidden treasure in Seattle. Our boys enjoyed climbing the stairs of the tower and then running around in circles when we reached the top. There are windows all around the tower where you can see downtown Seattle and Bellevue, too.
The flowers were in bloom around the conservatory, creating colorful landscapes. The…